Why good ‘Christian’ black women should prefer to date white men?

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If you are a good black woman and you feel you’ve been cheated out of life, because you have been single most or all of your life, just maybe this article is for you.   In this age many black men prefer to date other races of women and we need to broaden our choices when dating men, especially in this era when many bachelors in our race are joining the same sex marriage agenda.   Possibly, you’ve turned your head for many years, whenever the subject of interracial marriage was brought up.  Stop turning your head, because too many black men are have turned their heads whenever they’ve seen us while clinging onto Asian, Hispanic and white women.  

Of course, there are some black men who will date black women.  However, you need to ask yourself, are there still many good ones who will date good black women?  We are not talking about the ones with their pants hanging down, selling drugs on the corner.   You should consider yourself a good black woman if you have lived a virtuous and holy life for Jesus Christ.   So, we encourage you to please make sure not to just date any white man, but only accept dates from those whom are born again Christians.   You see, many of our sisters have made the mistakes of just dating any race, regardless of their beliefs just to compete with many black men who have left us, but let us assure you if you don’t know Christ, and he doesn’t know Him, then you are wasting your time.  So please, make sure the both of you are equally yoke.  Now, the question may come to mind, how come we can no longer date christian black men?  Simply, because even many of them who are a part of the modern age mega church prefer to date outside of their race, this is where it all began.  The majority of bi-racial couples started in when black churches became mega ministries and began merging with other races to earn mega bucks.  So even in the multicultural/black church they have neglected and rejected us and this is why we can assume God may not have a saved black man for us, but a good saved white one.

After many black fathers have mistreated their daughters and some black women have been abused by some relatives in the family, physically, verbally and sexually, we must now turn our dating preferences over to God.   Now, we are not saying just choose a Christian white man, but he could be of any race, just as long as God has picked him for you.  The next question may come to mind, ‘how do I know which man He has chosen for me, if he be of any other race?’   If you are in a close relationship with God to the point, you talk to Him everyday, you should know when He is talking to you and no doubt, you will know it.

This is the era when too many black men have pierced and broken the hearts of many black women.  This is a clear sign, it’s time to move on, because some of us have bore their sons and they also grow up to also turn away from our younger sisters.  This hurts, so possibly God has made us to be more desirable by some white men who are righteous.  Too much damage has been done and too many of our sisters fail to see how many black males have hurt us.  It’s so bad, they pamper these men who they’ve witnessed beat us down, emotionally.    We are not saying that white men can’t do the same thing, but-if they are saved, then they there is hope for true love, most likely.  

In the 21st century, too many black men are joining some black women marrying the same sex, and sometimes of a different race, the same with the opposite sex.  This is what we mean by there is probably just as many same sex married couples that are bi-racial as there are when it comes to the opposite sex, maybe not as much, but we are seeing more and more of it.   So, what are holy and righteous black women to do?   Do not cheat yourself, if you should be approached by a Christian white man.  If one approaches you for a date, do not turn it down, because too many black women are growing older alone and many without children.

On our future articles we will give you tips on how to relate with good Christian white men.

Photo: George Lucas and Mellody Hobson photo: Parade.com

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