Black Women Update: Michael Parson led double life with Young Mistress

attorney adina parson

First and foremost, we want to say thank God for Adina Parson’s life.   Sisters, she is a miracle, God wants us to admire.   She was shot in the head 8 times and survived, although she lost an eye and use of her right hand.   We just want to inform you, we are very grateful for this update, to be able let you know, Adina Parson amazingly faced her enemy in court while bound to a wheel chair.

michael parson led double life

Note: We’ve been contacted by Rachel Harner’s mother who allegedly says her daughter did in fact take the witness stand and she allegedly claims she did not know Michael was married and he lied to everyone.

The name of this young mistress, soldier and alleged new wife of Michael Parson is Rachel Harner, according to   The report went onto show Harner’s manager of Petland where she worked.  Her manager allegedly claimed, the mistress, along with the alleged shooter admitted she had already became Mrs. Parson. In less than 24 hours after Adina Parson has been gunned down, Michael Parson was determined to marry his young mistress.  A reader contacted us as though she was the mistress, claiming that she did not know he was married and that she was a white woman.  Black women, learn something God does not like ugly and no matter if the woman is white, black or pokadot, she will reap what she sows, if she knew he was married.  God sees all and knows all, no matter who may deny they are guilty, they are under a supernatural microscope.

As far as Michael Parson, we certainly hope he repents, because he almost took Adina’s life and he was infested with filthy lust, so much he wanted to rush into marriage with Rachel Harner. 

In the meantime, we will continue to pray for a dear sister, Adina Parson.  Thank God for our dear sister’s life, she is a true testimony.

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13 comments on “Black Women Update: Michael Parson led double life with Young Mistress

  1. tracy on said:

    You really should have all your facts before publishing such… Rachel did take the stand and you shouldn’t be slandering her good name. Adina is not the only victim in this situation, he betrayed Rachel as well. Only Michael Parson knew the truth, he lied to everyone.

    • admin on said:

      Tracy or Rachel, listen, we are just going by the facts, please watch the video. Contact, it’s not slander dear. By the way, whomever commented the last time said she was white, we never brought up race. We told whomever it was it does not matter if your black or white as in this article.

      By the way, the wife is the only victim, because she was shot in the head, not Rachel.

      Obviously, you are someone who knows Michael. You seem very hurt, however you need to clean your words up, before you can comment here. God bless you and seek Him.

      • jeezusgurl on said:

        Right on ! The only victim here is the wife! I don’t understand why other women defend dirty low-down men when he has mistreated his wife and brought harm to her. It doesn’t matter if Tracy did testify, she knew deep down this man was married and she is just as guilty as he is. Tracy, maybe you will one day sing a brand new song if this sort of thing happens to you, your daughter, sister, or mother ! Instead of telling SBW to check facts, maybe you should undergo a heart review and check yo-self ! May GOD Bless! I You Love Souls OF Black Women…You inspire me !

        • admin on said:

          Whoever you are, we thank you for siding with us, because we try to be fair and honest. We can’t understand why some women won’t respect the wives, even after they were shot in the head 8 times. God bless you and we are so very glad, we inspire you!

      • tracy on said:

        My apologies for the language, a mother gets upset when someone speaks ill of her children. Rachel is my daughter, Michael lied not only to her but her entire family. He lied to his own family. He never said he was married. Adina told Rachel, through her best friend, she believed Rachel was also a victim. Maybe not in the same sense, but still a victim of his lies and deceit.
        I was at the trial all day yesterday.

        • admin on said:

          Thanks for informing us who you are and your apologies. We don’t mean to speak ill of anyone, but we want to help our sisters, because they are dying of all ages, every time you turn around. However, men have been lying to women for years and all the time we try to forewarn women to find out who they are before they hook up, because this ill cycle never stops. Possibly, our network of journalists will do an update, based on your claims, if you don’t mind. God bless you and keep reading Souls of Black Women.

  2. tracy on said:


    • admin on said:

      Once you leave a comment, that’s it. Now don’t comment here anymore, Tracy and find something else to do with your time.

  3. FATIMAH on said:

    So many questions…First I would like to say Adina is and always will be the victim. We couldn’t even being to imagine the pain this beautiful woman has endured. She has lost her lively hood. But not her spirit to fight.

    • admin on said:

      Yes Fatimah, Adina is the victim. However, she is very courageous and we are yet praying for her. God bless.

  4. FATIMAH on said:

    As for Rachel I feel bad for her heart break but she will get over it. Michael betrayed his entire family. He left his only son over foolishness and selfishness. Ladies you need to start asking questions and using the internet (Google) the men that you meet. Because I promise you if she would have googled him or looked him up on the whitepages she would have seen his family. What I don’t understand is how could you have not met his family (mom) did he say she was dead or something? Rachel you never seen his drivers license? I really find that hard to believe.

    • admin on said:

      Exactly, you know sometimes the other women in these relationships lie to make themselves look good. We are pretty sure she saw his driver’s license, we are not crazy. We believe she knew more about him than what she claims.

      • FATIMAH on said:

        ok so she was 19yrs old when she met him, I can understand being a little naïve but her folks should have recognized game being that Michael and Tracy (mom) are about the same age. Come on. I hate to say it but Michael wasn’t going to marry her either. The closer it would have gotten to Oct something would have come up. If you have ever been married before you have to write down how many times you’ve been married on the marriage application. Well Michael didn’t have a problem telling the whole world that she gave him a STD. Now that was a statement from him attorney. But she and he still wanted to get married BS. Just NASTY!