Mother charged with murder for starving daughter to death

mom charged with murder for starving daughter to death

Sisters, if you have been a reader of Souls of Black Women, 2nd Edition, you will recall us doing a story about this mother starving her daughter to death.  Now, Markea Blakely-Berry has been charged with murder.  Ebony Berry was 16 years old, but her neighbors always thought she was much younger.   It’s simply because she weigh much less than the average teen her age and her mother is to blame.

According to Mail Online, Ebony was born prematurely, which led to her having a mental disability the origins of her mother’s hostility towards her, a claim allegedly admitted by relatives.  We believe that is a possibility, because there are various types of prejudices and people who do not like others, because of their mental disability is one of the biggest ones, some people just do not like to talk about it.

Markea was a part of a hunger group led by Dr. Andrew Chung, a man who allegedly taught people how to be hungry.  Although, he admits to one time meeting with Markea Berry, he denies the diet had anything to do with Ebony Berry’s death.   It could be a combination of two things in our opinion, the diet Markea chose to follow for her daughter and also the way she mistreated her.  Whatever the case, the mother now will probably spend a lot of time in prison.

In the meantime, we pray Markea repents for what she had done to her daughter.  

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Mother charged with murder for ‘starving daughter, 16 and 43lbs, to death because she was obsessed with hunger and hated daughter’

By Hugo Gye and Rachel Quigley

A mother who starved her teenage daughter to death after joining a ‘pro-hunger’ group has been charged with her murder.

Ebony Espree Berry’s 16-year-old daughter Markea Blakely-Berry, who was mentally disabled, weighed just 43lb at the…Read full article, here.

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