Black Women, Brooklyn man fatally shot in his home a victim of murder-for-hire plot by wife?

Alishia Noel-Murray

Alishia Noel-Murray, 25 and her boyfriend, Dameon Lovell, 29 allegedly had her husband Omar Murray murdered so she could cash in on his $400,000 life insurance.  They both set up her late husband to be home alone when someone staged a robbery.  The 37 year-old iron-worker did not know his younger wife would be so cold to have him killed, but investigators allegedly claim she’s guilty of murder.  Black women, could Alishia Noel Murray really be a cold-blooded killer?

omar murray fatally shot in brooklyn home-murder for hire by wife and boyfriend

Sisters, we want to encourage you to release your husbands and not involve yourselves in a murder for hire plot.  Do you realize is this young woman is convicted, she could get life in prison?   If Alishia Murray is guilty, she had a demon of greed.   When a person has a greedy spirit, they have no regard for humanity and don’t mind who they hurt while taking what doesn’t belong to them.  Black women, you must learn how to work for what you want, never be so cold to kill your husband just because you want to live off of his insurance money.  Don’t be so infatuated over a man, you would be willing to kill your husband.  If you are a born again Christian, you will recall the Bible speak of such women in the book of Proverbs, these women lure men and trap them until they get what they want.

Sisters, if you know you have a greedy spirit, we invite you to go straight to our Salvation page and humbly ask Jesus Christ into your life before it is everlasting too late.   You know Omar Murray may have thought he found the love of his life, because he saw a pretty face, but what’s so sad is, he did not have the gift of discernment to see her alleged ugly soul.  You see, a lot of these older men marry these younger women, instead of seeking a righteous woman, this why we see so many of these tragic cases. 

In the meantime, we are praying for Alishia Murray to repent if she is guilty of plotting to kill her husband for insurance money.  May Omar Murray rest in peace.

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EXCLUSIVE: Brooklyn man fatally shot in his home may have been victim of murder-for-hire plot orchestrated by wife and her boyfriend


An ironworker who was fatally shot in his Brooklyn home may have been the victim of a vicious murder-for-hire plot designed by his wife and her boyfriend, the Daily News has learned.

Omar Murray, 37, took a bullet to his chest at his Lott Ave. home in Brownsville in what initially appeared to be a botched robbery on…Read full article, here.
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