Miko Branch Says Titi Branch’s Boyfriend Drove Her to Commit Suicide

titi branch and boyfriend

Titi Branch was known across the nation, along with her sister, Miko for her hair care products.  Before her suicide she was a multimillionaire.  Who would have thought this white man allegedly drained her bank account for his greed? Usually, it’s the other way around isn’t?   A black woman may desire to be with a white man for his wealth, but allegedly Miko says this guy Spadafora Svengali used her so much, she drove her into a state of severe depression.

Watch Bobby Brown Tell Crowd Bobbi Kristina ‘Is Awake’

 bobby brown daughter coma

Good news, singer Bobby Brown allegedly gave a hint that Bobbi Kristina was looking at him. This could mean she is coming out of a coma, we’re not sure.   We do believe in miracles and know she will be alert, real soon.

According to MSN.com, on Saturday night (April 18) during a show at the Verizon Theatre, the singer told the audience “Bobbi is awake. She’s watching me.” 

 In the meantime, we are praying for the Brown and Houston families.

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Source and Photo: MSN.com

Celebrity News: R&B Singer Johnny Kemp Dead at 55

johnny kemp dead at 55

Johnny Kemp has been found dead, floating in Montego Bay.  Many of you who are from the era of the 1980′s recall this Jamaican born music artist. Kemp was very popular back in the day and his song, ‘Just Got Paid’ was heard on every R&B radio station across the nation.

According to TheRoot.com, R&B singer Johnny Kemp, best known for his hit song “Just Got Paid,” died Thursday at the age of 55, according to the Bahamas Weekly. Kemp was scheduled to perform for the Tom Joyner Foundation Fantastic Voyage Cruise.

May Johnny Kemp rest in peace.

Another Black Man Has Been Shot and Killed by Houston Police

trey shephard shot dead by police

A black man by the name of Frank “Trey” Shephard has been shot and killed by police.  We read a news headline that asked the question, ‘when does it all end?’   The answer is whenever we as a people fully surrender to God.  We are not saying Frank like other victims of police shootings did not know God, but a lot of times, God has used certain situations to get the black race’s attention.  However, too many black people continue to ignore God’s expectations of fully surrendering to Him, then loving and respecting each other. 

Celebrity News: Former NFL Player, Aaron Hernandez Sentenced to Life After Murder Conviction

aaron hernandez guilty2

This must be a very sad day for Aaron Hernandez’s fiance, Shayanna Jenkins who is left raising their child, alone.  Now that Aaron Hernandez has been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole, life must go on.  We are very curious will she remain with him for life?

aaron hernandez guilty

According to ABCNews.com, former New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez has been found guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Celebrity News: Will Smith’s son Jaden steps out in a woman’s dress

 will smith woman's dress

Lord, have mercy, it breaks our hearts to see Jaden wearing a dress, because we remember him when he was so young and innocent when he first starred in a movie with his father.  However, when we think about him being raised in a sinful environment in Hollywood, we are not surprised what we see here.   Of course, we don’t know what goes on in the Smith’s household, but allegedly, previous reports have been ungodly affairs.  Therefore, Jaden wearing a dress didn’t just happen over night.

If Erica Campbell’s Gospel Song Brings the Message to the Masses, What’s the Problem?

erica campebell i luh God

First of all, we want to start off by saying we pray for Erica and her sister, Tina.  We learned that a lot of people who are yet complaining about their music, do not love and unite.  Of course, we believe God’s music should be very distinct, holy and sacred.  However, what’s the use of constantly focusing on these contemporary gospel artists, if there is hate among Christians?  What’s the use of focusing on how wrong contemporary gospel songs are, if you can’t speak to your neighbor?

Vigil held for 8-year-old girl who died after being struck by a car a week ago

 De'sia Taylor was hit and killed

This adorable little girl, De’sia Taylor, 8, was struck by a car and there was a vigil held in her memory, this past weekend.  She was trying to catch up with her grandfather when a car hit her.  We don’t know how true it is, but police claim the driver had the right away. In our opinion, whether he had the right away or not, he should have been watching if the street was clear.  This precious little girl died to soon.

According to MyFoxDetroit.com, dozens of family, friends and supporters gathered Saturday at the intersection where 8-year-old De’sia Taylor was hit and killed.

Vigil held for woman found in burned vehicle with limbs missing

ronda davis murder

Another black women has been found murdered.  This is such a sad day we are living in, while many black men are getting killed by police officers around the country, the Devil is on his job taking the lives of black women before their time.  Ronda Davis, 20 was found burned to death. So far, no one know who murdered her.

According to MyFoxDetroit.com, the young woman was found murdered, her torso discovered by Detroit firefighters responding to a Plymouth Voyager on fire April 3.

Woman Wakes From Coma, Is Told She Had Baby: God can also do it for Bobbi Kristina

sharista giles

For too long there has been a myth that if a person is brain dead, there is no hope; however, we have heard of several miraculous cases that prove you are not necessarily dead in a coma.  In the case of the Oakland girl, Jahi McMath who went into a coma, doctors yet believe she is dead.  Also in the case of Bobbi Kristina, daughter of the late Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, there are many people who do not believe she can ever snap out of her coma.   However if God did it for this woman, Sharista Gilesand even blessed her to give birth to a baby, God can do it for anyone else.