Prosecutors seeking death penalty for Fourth Man Charged in Murders of Marine Sgt., Wife

4th man charged in murders of marine sgt wife

Sisters, we don’t know if you recall this previous case, involving a group of black men who killed this young couple in San Diego, because they were a mixed couple, but here’s the update.   Prosecutors want the 4th man accused of murdering Marine Sgt. Jan Pietrzak, 24, and his wife Quianna Jenkins-Pietrzak, 26 to be sentenced to death.   However, Kesaun Sykes, 27 claims he was just there and had nothing to do with their deaths.

Judge tells young Detroit Young Black Male he needed a beating, but sympathetic

judge tells detroit needed a beating

The alleged reason for this young guy beating up on this man who admitted to punching and kicking Steve Utash is what has made black men useless within our society.  We’ve been hearing the same thing since the 20th century, black boys raised without a father are excused for their behavior.   However, no one seems to ever care about black women who are raised without fathers and how some of their mothers neglect them.  If black women used that excuse over and over again, we think none of us would ever get ahead in life. 

First Lady Serita Jakes, We Don’t know if white women are looking in the same mirror as black women

Here this good sermon first.  Although we agree with most of what First Lady Serita Jakes said, many of us black women don’t see we are the same as other races of women. 
We only see God made and loves us, even more than our own…Read full article, here.
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Pamela Ballin, convicted murderer, sentenced to life in prison

pamela ballin sentenced to life in prison

This widow who was accused of murdering her husband has been sentenced to life in prison.  Pamela Ballin was out on bond, but a supreme court judge ordered for her to report to jail, after her family was victim’s family was very upset about the death of Derrick Ballin. 

WSU student killed in crash was set to donate kidney

wsu student was set to donate kidney

A lot of times when deceased people donate their body parts before death, they know their life is coming to an end.  In the case of Wayne State University student, Diamond Scott, she was set to donate a kidney to a fellow church member, according to .  That’s beautiful, may God rest her soul.

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WSU student killed in crash was set to donate kidney

By Staff

(WJBK) – Twenty-three-year-old Diamond Scott died in a car crash after she was hit by another car that ran a red light. The other driver is still in a coma, but there’s another victim in this tragedy. Scott was preparing to…Read full article, here.

3 Arrested in Garden Grove Burglary

3 arrested garden grove burglary

Thank God for technology, these 3 guys were arrested for breaking into a home. Police got a tip and arrived on the scene.  Now, if you watch this following video, you’ll notice how they captured these 3 criminals caught in the act. 


According to, Officers responded at 8:30 p.m. Tuesday to a report of “a suspicious vehicle and subjects” in the area of Diamond Street and Santa Catalina Avenue, less than a mile south of the Cypress Plaza Shopping center, the release said. The officers arrived to find an unoccupied Dodge Durango SUV, which had been reported stolen during a home burglary in Long Beach on June 6.

Is This Arizona Professor’s Jaywalking Arrest Police Brutality, Black Women?

arizona black professor arrested

Professor Ersula Ore was walking across the street when a police officer stopped and allegedly assaulted her.   We are going to ask you sisters, is this police brutality.  Now, for those of you who have not been to college, there is another side to our sisters who are in a position as professors, sometimes, but there is no excuse for this officer to hurt anyone. 

Dallas woman’s murder spurs call for faster police response

dallas woman's murder souls of black women

It’s been about 4 months since this young mother, D’Lisa Kelley was beaten and strangled to death.  She called her sister while screaming for help, but evidently the killer would not let her speak to her.   Now, her family and friends want to know why the police never showed up when her grandmother reported her missing.  If you recall, there was another case of a woman who was attacked by her boyfriend and it was the same situation police would not come until after 72 hours.  When the family found that woman her body was found decomposing in a bath full of water.

Georgia Couple Allegedly Imprisoned Son, 13, in Basement for Years

georgia couple arrested son in basement for 2 years

This Georgia couple have been arrested for locking son up in the basement for 2 years.  Sisters, do you see that nice home in the background of the above photo?  It looks like this couple was doing very well, financially.  But what does it matter if you cannot love your children?  Do they realize how many single black women cannot have kids or find someone to mate with?  It’s very sad that they would do this to their own child.  For two years, they imprisoned their son and seem not to include him with the rest of their 9 children.  We bet this couple complained about racism and do not even realize their putting their son what white supremacists put our ancestors through, centuries ago.     This happens in black families all the time, and many African Americans wonder why we cannot rise as a people, it’s simply because many times their is segregation within our own race, just think about it.  Think about Joseph in the Bible and how his own brothers in slaved him.  These are the type of outcasts in families, God uses and they are chosen.

Michigan boy, missing for 11 days, found safe in dad’s basement

michigan boy found in basement

It’s very wonderful to know this 12-year old boy has been found safe, after 11 days.  However, Nancy Grace is questioning how this father could not have known he was in the basement.  Allegedly, the father says he and his wife checked there, including police officers.  We really don’t think this father would have any reason to lie.  Was this a hoax just to get publicity? What do you think sisters? 

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