Ernie Banks, Famous Black Basball Legend, Dies at 83

ernie banks passed away

This legendary baseball player, Ernie Banks has passed away.  Many of our great professional ball players should be in the minds of our youth, so they will acknowledge they can achieve any sport.  According to, Ernie Banks, the greatest power-hitting shortstop of the 20th century and an unconquerable optimist whose sunny disposition never dimmed in 19 seasons with the perennially stumbling Chicago Cubs, died Friday in Chicago. He was 83.  May Ernie Banks rest in peace.



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ISIS child executioner ‘kills Russian spies’ in new video

 russian spies killed by child executioner

Some people wonder why some born again believers do not believe in Chrislam nor want them taking over our church buildings, this is one of the reasons why.  Just look at this following video of this young boy taking part in this execution of beheading these two men.  Many of you According to, the horrifying new video released online on Tuesday appears to show ISIS using a young boy to execute a pair of captives the terror group claims are Russian spies. This is very sad, may they both rest in peace


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NY-Queens Father kills wife, daughter and mother-in-law

queens dad kills wife mother in law and daughter

This is just sad how a lot of our race is dying all sorts of ways. If it’s not some cops gunning them down, then many black people are killing each other.  It seems like everything that happened years ago with the civil rights movement doesn’t matter.  We complain about racism, but yet there seems not to be much love and unity among us.  We ask you what made this Dad snap?  He killed his wife, daughter and mother in-law.  Of course, times are very hard and it seems like although black is not accepted in this world, it seems as though many black people are helping out white supremacists by committing murder, including suicide.   According to,  the suspected killer was found dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound five hours later in a wooded area of Queens, police said.  Hulking Jonathon Walker, 34, put a bullet into his own head near the Bergen Basin, and his body was discovered inside the silver GMC Arcadia used to flee the gore-spattered crime scene. A weapon was recovered by police.  We feel as though we’ve said bye bye to black families, a long time ago.

Judge Frees Innocent Old Head Convicted Of Murder After Spending 40 Years In The Bing

70 year old man freed from prison

Back in 2005, Joseph Sledge was accused of killing 74-year-old Josephine Davis and her 57-year-old daughter, Aileen.  It’s very sad that this man was accused of something he did not do, but at least, he’s finally free after 40 years.  According to, after serving nearly four decades behind bars, Joseph Sledge was found innocent by a three-judge panel who heard testimony from a DNA expert. The expert said none of the evidence collected in the case — hair, DNA and fingerprints — belonged to Sledge.  If it was not for DNA, Mr. Sledge would have never been clear, our prayers are with him.

Watch Prophet Brian Carn Preach at Pastor Rod Parseley’s Church

We want to start off 2015 by giving you a Word from the Lord. 
As we’ve told you before, we’ve decided to no longer be like some other bloggers who refuse to hold up men and women of God, but…Read full article, here.

Celebrity News: Lee Daniels Is Using ‘Empire’ to Shine Light on Homophobia in the Black Community

Of course, we do believe it is a sin to be a homosexual, according to the below scriptures, but we have to agree that being homophobic is a whole different thing.

In order to win homosexuals to Christ, you cannot be afraid of them.  There have been some Christians who resent…Read full article, here.


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Dexter King and Martin Luther King III at Least Drop One Lawsuit Against Their Sister Bernice King

After Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday, it’s a wonderful thing to acknowledge that the King children are coming together. 
Possibly, there Dad’s holiday brought reconciliation, Dexter and Martin Luther King III have…Read full article, here.
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Celebrity News: Malcolm-Jamal Warner Speaks Up on Allegations Against Bill Cosby

It’s so wonderful to know, that most of the Cosby kids on the previous show are on Bill Cosby’s side. 

Malcolm-Jamal Warner allegedly admitted that all of these allegations against his TV Dad is hurting him, in…Read full article, here.


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Ex-Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran Speaks at Church on Sunday, Saying ‘God Intended for a Man and a Woman to Procreate’

After the ex-fire chief, Kelvin Cochran was fired in Atlanta, he is yet being bold in his message opposing homosexuality.

Repeatedly, we are in a battle over the issue, but think about it, it’s a spiritual battle between God and the Devil.  Therefore, we’ve come to...Read full article, here.


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Watch One of Bishop TD Jakes Best Sermons, ‘Secret Agents of Change’

In this specific video, you will hear Bishop T. D. Jakes preach a sermon like we’ve never heard before. 

He really hits the soul and it seems as though he knows you personally, because there…Read full article, here.


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