New Ebola patient, a nurse flew to Dallas with fever

amber vinson new ebola patient

CDC Director, Tom Frieden allegedly says Amber Vinson should not have flown on plane to Cleveland.  Vinson put 130 passengers at risk, knowing she had systems of Ebola.  She was one of the nurses who worked with Thomas Duncan.  She has been flown to Emory Hospital in Atlanta where to other health care workers were successfully treated, according to

In the meantime, we will keep the healthcare workers in Dallas in our prayers, including Amber Vinson.

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Trial of Texas doctor accused in poisoning begins

We haven’t heard of a love triangle case in a while, a female doctor is accused of poisoning her lover who is also a doctor. 

Dr. Ana-Maria Gonzalez-Angulo tricked him to try a new Colombian coffee she laced with…Read full article, here.

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Los Angeles woman punched by California Highway patrolman speaks

marlene pinnock punched by california highway patrol

This black woman in Los Angeles was allegedly walking on the highway when she was stopped and punched by a California Highway Patrolman.  Marlene Pinnock allegedly stated she thought the officer was going to kill her. 

Let us assure you after one of the most strongest men in California past away by the name of Huey P. Newton, we felt many years later black people would be abused by their oppressors.   Why?  Simply because many black people in California became weak and afraid to protect people like Pinnock.   For years we not only heard some blacks in California calling Huey P. Newton a thug after his death, but they began to protect their oppressors and oppose victims like Pinnock who would defend themselves by speaking out.

John Wiley Price returns to work after arrest

john wiley price

After being arrested on bribery and fraud charges, John Wiley Price has returned to work.   We fully believe John Wiley Price is not only an honest man, but a Christian man and would never be involved with such a crime.  Therefore, we pray God strengthens him as he proceeds to do his job, preparing to face his trial.  God bless and thanks for reading.

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John Wiley Price returns to work after arrest



DALLAS — Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price went to work Monday morning, but likely with more on…Read full article, here.

Pastor, Dr. Frederick Haynes Supports Dallas Commissioner John Wiley Price

Now, we may not have agreed with Dr. Frederick Haynes for his support on President Obama’s stance on homosexuality, but we can comprehend his support for Commissioner John Wiley Price. 

Commissioner John Wiley Price has done so much for the community and he does not deserve to…Read full article, here.


Source: Sanctified Church Revolution


Black Owned Funeral Home in Texas Disrespect Dead Bodies

johnson family mortuary decomposing bodies

There used to be a day when black owned funeral homes did not disrespect the dead.  However, we think the black race has gotten so far away from respecting each other, here are some morticians who don’t care to respect even the dead.  In Fort Worth, Texas, Johnson Family Mortuary allegedly left decomposing bodies without considering to prepare them for burial.  A family member on this following video is very upset about her aunt as one of the deceased bodies out of eight.  

Bakersfield Couple Need Funds After Husband Seriously Injured in Zipline Accident on Mexico Vacation

Bakersfield Couple In Health Insurance Nightmare After Husband Seriously Injured in Zipline Accident on Mexico Vacation

This lovely couple is now in financial debt, after they went on a trip to Mexico and Brian Hodges was seriously injured.  The wife, Shimeaka is speaking out about how much in debt they are while stuck in Mexico.  She also talks about her husband’s condition after the zipline accident.   The Hodges reside in Mexico, but are in desperate need of financial assistance.  If there’s anything you can do, please help them out.

In the meantime, we will keep the Hodge’s in our prayers.

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Compton School Board Member Arrested After Allegedly Molesting Unconscious Child

school board member alleged child molestor

This is so sad, just to look at this guy, you wouldn’t think he would allegedly molest a child.  However, Skyy Fisher who was a school board member in Compton California allegedly molested a child who was unconscious.  Sisters, this should make you wonder what type of black men are left?  The average black woman would think she met the man of her dreams, but you can never go by looks, you have to test the spirit. As it says in John 4:1, ‘Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.’

Prosecutors seeking death penalty for Fourth Man Charged in Murders of Marine Sgt., Wife

4th man charged in murders of marine sgt wife

Sisters, we don’t know if you recall this previous case, involving a group of black men who killed this young couple in San Diego, because they were a mixed couple, but here’s the update.   Prosecutors want the 4th man accused of murdering Marine Sgt. Jan Pietrzak, 24, and his wife Quianna Jenkins-Pietrzak, 26 to be sentenced to death.   However, Kesaun Sykes, 27 claims he was just there and had nothing to do with their deaths.

Judge tells young Detroit Young Black Male he needed a beating, but sympathetic

judge tells detroit needed a beating

The alleged reason for this young guy beating up on this man who admitted to punching and kicking Steve Utash is what has made black men useless within our society.  We’ve been hearing the same thing since the 20th century, black boys raised without a father are excused for their behavior.   However, no one seems to ever care about black women who are raised without fathers and how some of their mothers neglect them.  If black women used that excuse over and over again, we think none of us would ever get ahead in life.