Titi Branch, Pioneer in the Natural Hair Community and Co-Founder of Miss Jessie, Commits Suicide at 45

ms jessie co founder tiki branch dead at 45

This is so sad, we recall seeing this familiar face.  Titi Branch who was a pioneer of natural hair committed suicide at the young age of 45.  This goes to show you, you can become very successful in life, but if you are not happy, success cannot satisfy what you are missing.  Now we do not know why Branch committed suicide, but all we know is, she had her whole life ahead of her. 

Atlanta strip club DJ Awesome hires best friend to murder wife

Now, this story is a rotten shame, this DJ, Andre Pugh in Atlanta staged his wife’s death.  His best-friend who helped kill Tiffany was one of the pallbearers at her funeral.  Pugh must have not even cared about the child, because this kid was crawling on her dead body when police found her. It’s very sad that this woman can no longer raise her kids.  How could this guy be so cold to kill her?  Possibly, if he would have just let her go, then things would have gotten better later on, but if not, he didn’t have to take her life.

10 POUNDS of pot found at scene of Late Rapper’s murder-suicide


There has been more evidence discovered at the residence of the late rapper’s luxury apartment.  Many of you recall, Earl Hayes was married to Stephanie Moseley who was a popular dancer. He snapped and killed her while on a video call with his good friend…Read full article, here.


Source: The Hip Hop Examiner

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Rapper Earl Hayes, VH1 star Stephanie Moseley found dead in apparent murder-suicide in L.A. apartment

This is very sad, rapper Earl Hayes and his wife, Stephanie Moseley were found dead, after and alleged murder-suicide.  We wonder who was the one to pull the trigger?   You can never love someone so much, you would take their life and then your own, very sad.  It’s not worth it.  According to NYDailyNews.com, responding officers discovered the victims, identified as rapper Earl Hayes — an artist on boxer Floyd Mayweather’s Money Team record label — and Stephanie Moseley, a dancer who starred in VH1’s drama, “Hit the Floor.”  

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Source: The Hip Hop Examiner

Allegedly, Bill De Blasio Admits His Son Needs To Be Careful Around Cops

Well this is the first, we are hearing a white person married to a black person speak out about racism.  Mayor Bill De Blasio allegedly says he and his wife have spoke with their son about being careful around cops, because it’s different for a white child.  We must say, it’s about time, we hear a parent of a what some would call, ‘bi-racial’ child teach him who he actually is.  In our opinion, we have heard…Read full article, here.
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10 Steps For Love and Unity Among the Black Race

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Relatives Say Goodbye to farewell to Akai Gurley, man fatally shot by NYPD rookie


Many of you black women know what it like to grow up without your father.  A little girl says goodbye to her father who was shot by a rookie cop in a NY public housing complex.  This is so sad to see and all we can say is, ‘here is another young black girl who is going to grow up in America without a father to help her mother raise her.’ It can be very difficult to discover…Read full article, here.


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New Treatment May Regrow and Thicken Hair Without Surgery

A lot of you black women who have lost a lot of hair around your hair line, we want to encourage you not to give up.  There is a new treatment for thinning hair.  If you have been previously following this blog, including SoulsofBlackwomen.com, we’ve always presented natural remedies that we stand by; however, the results are based on individual treatments for…Read full article, here.
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Who Says Black Women Cannot Grow Long Hair???

Just when are a lot of you black women going to stop believing the lie that we cannot grow long hair? Just look at this black woman care for her very long hair.   We see some different races of women flaunting and showing off their long stringy hair in front of us as though God doesn’t love us and He cannot bless us.  However, the truth…Read full article, here.


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Apricot Castor Oil May Grow a Black Woman’s Hair Back!!

Although, this Apricot Castor Oil looks like something you could drink, it’s really for your thirsty roots.  We are hearing a lot about this new product and it is supposed to be very good for your hair.  Now, black women, you may enjoy wearing your beautiful wigs and weaves, but you are going to have to take care of your hair underneat…Read full article, here.
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