Death Advised for Riverside Man Who Set Ex-Girlfriend on Fire in Front Of Kids

tyrone-harts face death

A lot of people think having a bi-racial relationship is the key to happiness, but that’s not always the case.  It may seem like a bed of roses for some, but after the thrill is gone, the Devil comes out.  Just look at this terrible situation, this guy, Tyrone Harts set his ex-girlfriend on fire after she broke up with him and then killed her in front of all six of her children.  That’s very sad. 

tyrone-harts face death for burning brandi morales alive

Man fighting for life after being run over at McDonald’s drive-thru in Queens

mcdonald's driver runs over victim and gets food at drive thru window

Sisters, we are living in such a crazy world.  Can you believe this guy ran over a man and then continued to get his food at a drive thru window at McDonald’s?  Is the food at McDonald’s that good, this crazy driver didn’t care about a human life?

According to, Jonathan Brown, 18, the night manager at the McDonald’s on Merrick Blvd. in Laurelton said the victim fell down in the drive-thru lane moments before a white Nissan Altima ran him over, backed up off him and then proceeded to the window for his food.

Florida credit card thief arrested after posing for photo with stolen plastic

florida credit card theif poses with plastic


Mashana Harris allegedly went on a shopping spree after stealing someone’s credit card.   However, she wasn’t so cunning, the clerk was suspicious of the transaction and turned her in.  We discourage you black women from stealing, time in prison should not be your destiny.  Yes, it’s very hard to earn an income, but you must serve God and put your faith in Him for whatever you want in life. 

According to, Florida police arrested 26-year-old Mashana Michelle Harris Tuesday, after she willingly posed for a picture with a stolen credit card in July because the cashier was suspicious of the transaction.

Update: Rev. Walter F. Houston Is the Pastor Who Will Not Do The Funeral Long Time Church Member

T. J. of has broke the story and now it’s updated that Walter F. Houston is the pastor who refused to do a funeral, because she did not pay tithes. 
The 93 year old matriarch’s daughter Barbara Day says she had to carry her mother’s body, Olivia Blair, from church to…Read full article, here.

COGIC Calls For an Urgent Call to Prayer in Wake of Ferguson

Now is the time to fast and make a wise choice not to eat. 
Some VIP in the judicial system feel Ferguson may end up much worst than after the death of Michael Brown.  Now, Bishop Black is urging all believers in…Read full article, here.

Hollywood News: ‘The Queen Latifah Show’ Gets Cancelled

queen latifah show cancelled

The Queen Latifah Show has been cancelled.  If we recall, she tried once before to air her show and it cancelled, but this is truly an inspiration. It was back in 1999 and then ended in 2001 (see here).  If you fail once, don’t give up, just try again.

According to, Queen Latifah just posted a note on her Facebook page, saying to her staff, “Your dedication and sacrifice was crucial to the entire team, and in the face of intense challenges, you displayed ‘True Grit.!’”

NYPD officer fatally shoots unarmed Black man in Brooklyn’s Pink Houses project

akai gurley gunned down by rookie cop

This young father was accidentally gunned down in a New York Housing project.  Allegedly, this was a rookie cop and he did not know what he was doing.  Of course, a cop could come up with any excuse.  However, this young man lost his life and this shows how it’s still very dangerous to live in some of the worst places in America.  You don’t have to be doing anything wrong and then, an inexperienced cop accidentally takes your life.

According to, Akai Gurley was gunned down when probationary Officer Peter Liang’s .9 mm accidentally discharged, with a bullet ricocheting off the wall and tearing into his chest, sources said.

Celebrity News: Two more women accuse Bill Cosby of sexual attacks

 Renita Chaney Hill

We don’t know how true it is, but two more women have came forward accusing Bill Cosby of Rape and lacing their drinks with alcohol.  According to, Renita Chaney Hill — who appeared on “Picture Pages” in the 1980s — and actress Louisa Moritz join eight other women who have publically accused the 77-year-old of rape, sexual assault and other crimes. Hill said she was just 15-years-old when Cosby initiated a four-year fling, CBS Pittsburgh reported. After he cast her in the educational TV show, he repeatedly invited her over to his hotel room, gave her drinks that made her pass out and touched and kissed her.  We understand Hill was underage, but after she stopped going on trips, why didn’t she and her parents come forward back then?

Japanese ‘Black Widow’ Suspected of Killing 4 husbands

black widow dead lovers

Chisako Kakehi, a widow of four husbands is accused of being a black widow.  However, she is accused of killing 6 men. She allegedly got rich by living off of millions of dollars from insurance money.  Police suspect she poisoned her 4th husband, 75, with cyanide.  He died less than 2 months after her husband.

According to, Kakehi was arrested this week on suspicion of murdering her 75-year-old spouse, had received one billion yen ($8.5 million) in insurance and other payouts over ten years following the deaths of husbands and lovers.

Author Aisha Harris Tells Why She Prefers to Be Called a ‘Black American’ Than an ‘African American’

aisha harris prefers to be called black american

It’s very courageous to not ever deny your black heritage.  We clearly understands Aisha Harris when she says, she prefers to be called, ‘Black American,’ instead of ‘African American’.   Our personal experience with native Africans has not always been sweet.  We can honestly express that there has been a sense of envy, because our ancestors were dragged off the boat and many of them are just now making it over here to America.  We don’t know why that has been a barrier of division, but we’ve sensed it many times.  Therefore, it’s a breath of fresh air to hear this author say, she prefers to be called a ‘Black American’ than an ‘African American.’