Sinkhole opens up in Florida neighborhood, Again!

sinkhole opens up in central florida

Sisters, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard of a sinkhole opening up in Florida.  Now earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes are bad enough, but volcanoes are another story. We don’t know if you recall, but the last two times we heard of opening sinkholes is when a man went through one and never was revived and then, a woman was saved when her neighbor saw her fingertips and heard her crying out.  Now, we know scientists say it’s because where Florida is located, but it seems like it’s frequently occurring and very deep.  It’s time to get right with God, just think if a volcanoe came up through one of those sinkholes, no one can be saved in hot lava.

Florida Family Man’s Body Found

vernon stephens body found

This family man, Vernon Stephen, 39, was missing after a car accident.  However, his wife of 11 years, Andrea says she knew he was gone, even before his body was found.  Now, as a widow, she has to raise their two children by herself.  She and the two kids just had a wonderful dinner with Vernon last week and they never thought their good times would come to an end.

Vernon Stephen did not have life insurance, please visit our source, if you would like to donate to the widow of this beloved man.  May Vernon Stephen rest in peace and our prayers are with his wife and two children.

Man Sentenced to 40 Years for Attempting to Murder 4 People at a USC Party

judge sentenced shooter to 40 to life in prison-murder of four people

Even after this young man, Brandon Spencer apologized to the judge for killing four people, he was given 40 years to life in prison.  It’s very sad sisters, he took lives and now his freedom is gone.  Blacks are killing each other and before doing so, they don’t think about the consequences.  This is an ancient issue that may never stop, because too many black people not only hate each other, but they hate being black.  Many hate God and will not serve Him. Therefore, pleading for African Americans to love and unite has not worked in the 21st century.  There are too many yet killing each other physically and even verbally.

Celebrity News: Rapper Andre Johnson Severs Organs and Attempts Suicide


Sisters, we are praying for this rapper, he cut off his private parts before jumping from an apartment building.  Now, we don’t know what was going on in his personal life, but-we are praying that God changes the minds of many black people who are in the rap/hip-hop industry.  We pray that they realize what the music is doing to our people, for it is a demonic force that controls the mind of the artists and their fans.  We pray that there no longer be a such a thing as not only rap music, but also hip hop music.  The demon of suicide no doubt came from a personal issue that Rapper Andre Johnson could not deal with, but rap music alone came from the pit of hell.

Man who never served prison sentence on clerical error awaits fate

man avoided 13 year sentence clerical error

Cornelius”Mike” Anderson should not have to spend a day in jail, because of a clerical error.  Anderson was allegedly convicted of armed robbery when he stole money from a Burger King manager.  He posted bond and awaited for the law to determine his fate, but it never came.  Now, it will be determine if he should spend 13 years on jail.  We say no, it’s not fair and not his fault.  Anderson became a born again Christian, a successful entrepreneur, got married and has children.

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Missing Navy Chief Kevin Williams Has not been Found since 2013

chief navy officer missing

This Chief Navy Officer, Kevin Williams has been missing May 28, 2013.  After an argument with his wife, Vanessa he disappeared.  Police don’t know if this is foul play, but we feel it is.  Usually, after one goes missing after a heated argument with their significant other or spouse, it is foul play. By law, police cannot immediately point out a suspect without doing a complete investigation, but it seems like we can see right through this case, sisters.  If you have any information, please call police immediately at (904) 630-0050.

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Woman Hires Hitman to Murder Boyfriend who is an attorney

woman hires to have boyfriend killed

This woman allegedly hired a hit-man to kill her boyfriend who is an attorney, but she claims she was only playing, because she was laughing while talking to him.  Sisters, can you believe that lie?   We all know that our community is not perfect, but we need to admit that there are some issues among some white people and this is one of them cruel intentions.

Man Says Demon Married His Wife at Prophet TB Joshua’s Church Service, Watch!!!

You have got to see this for yourself, this man says a demon was married to his wife.

Saints of God, do you realize how many strangers we come in contact with in a daily basis could be haunted with various types of demons? Now, this lady looks normal…Read full article, here.
Photo: Emmanuel.TV

Spiritual Snake Demons Speak out of another woman at Prophet TB Joshua’s Church Service, Watch!!!

Praise God saints, this is another video revealing spiritual healing at one of Prophet TB Joshua’s church services.
This woman was possessed with snakes, which we all know is the symbol of Satan and his demons. She’s actually speaking out and it’s very scary to realize what type of…Read full article, here.

Bishop Carlton Pearson Says He would not apologize or be ashamed of being a Homosexual

Now, we are not going to waste a lot of time on Bishop Carlton Pearson, for this reason, his allegedly re-probated.

Don’t be shocked saints of God, because once he told the nation that there is no hell or no Devil, he made God very angry. Therefore, he is…Read full article, here.


Source: Sanctified Church Revolution